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Briquette Machine Manufacturers

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Briquette Machine Manufacturers
Briquette Machine Manufacturers

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Briquette Machine Manufacturers

With the environment in mind, LEHRA®Fuel is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is dedicated to the cause of Eco-friendly fuel. After a thorough study of the existing options for raw material, agricultural waste was zeroed-in for manufacturing recycled bio fuel briquettes and machinery to manufacture the same was developed. Normally, agricultural waste is either destroyed or burnt, the latter causing untold pollution and health problems.

We are the key makers and consultants in briquette of Biomass furthermore as charcoal powder. We provide the most effective machines and technologies at cheap worth to fit your necessities.
With the rise within the demand of energy. The natural typical resources are decreasing in no time. This could be controlled by victimization non typical sources like daylight, wind energy, water energy. However these sources can’t be used as fuel. That the best non typical fuel is Biomass briquettes. This not solely is Socially Economical furthermore financially terribly economical.


Social advantages of Biomass Briquetting:

Biomass Briquetting is completed to organic waste, Municipal waste that helps to cleans our encompassing and minimize landfills. It produces less ash and carbon acid gas. By utilizing this unwanted waste into energy we tend to save our valuable natural resources of fuel. Biomass waste-to-energy conversion reduces gas emissions. The gas emissions are considerably reduced by preventing gas emissions from landfills. Moreover, biomass energy plants are extremely economical in harnessing the untapped sources of energy from biomass resources.


Financial advantages of Biomass Briquetting:

Biomass Briquettes area lot of economical than alternative fuels as a result of it contains low wet, low ash high density. producing briquettes is Profitable because the demand of energy is increasing day by day and the other way around the availability of natural fuels proscribe for handling, transporting storage. It’s cheaper than significant, coal fireplace wood etc. furthermore government of India has conjointly proclaimed series of incentives for promoting this project for putting in Briquetteing plants. Because the entire world is engaged in developing energy sources. It’s promoted to the industries as a primary renewable energy project throughout the globe. The project provides wonderful viability. The whole payback amount of the project is approx.2 year. It’s pollution free and no hazard during this project. It friendly renewable inexperienced energy project.

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