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Briquette Press Machine

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Briquette Press Machine
Briquette Press Machine

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Briquette Press Machine

This metallic element certified Super giant Briquette press go together with production capability. Some latest modifications in LBP create it additional economical and handiest model. This Model is Best appropriate wherever accessibility of material is high.

Material is unending fed through a hopper by suggests that of a vertical feeder with its own gear box and a motor. Regulated feed to the press is provided by severally driven screw through versatile pulley-block on motor.
Dry ground or coarse material is fed to the highest of the vertical feeder by screw conveyor. The vertical screw per-compresses and forces the fabric downward into pr-compression chamber. Here the fabric is forced by the ram through a die system into briquettes to the cooling line. the full operation is continuous and controlled from the most electrical panel.
Briquette is far cheaper than chamber oil and it’s additionally cheaper than coal or fuel. Therefore, use of block directly provides savings to the client.

Briquette Press Machine


Features of LBP Briquette Press

• Heavy structure with normal style
• No want of hammer Mill Grinder, settle for up to twenty metric linear unit of material.
• Maximum production, Best within the trade.
• Easy package
• High density with fine finishing of 90mm Briquettes.
• Lowest production & Maintenance value.

Govt. Incentives


• 100% Depreciation on block Plant in 1st year in Republic of India.
• Sales tax Exemption on briquettes in most of the states
• Excise duty Exemption on product in most of the states.
• Easy Finance accessibility on Briquetting Plant As Govt. of Republic of India is Promoting non standard supply of energy.
• Easily accessibility of varied varieties of raw materials.
• Excellent returns.
• No demand of NOC from pollution panel.
• Eco friendly renewable inexperienced energy project.

Briquetting sensible for your company further as is additionally good for nature: once a Biomass block is burned, it solely emits the maximum amount CO2 to the atmosphere as is absorbed by a growing tree through chemical action.

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